by Mallory Benton

With the belief to injecting brand’s retro athletics on more categories, Chemist Creations has now unveiled its sunglasses capsule in collaboration with LA based eyewear brand AKILA. With the concept of “Vacation, Anytime, Anywhere”, aiming to give the audience a brilliant choice in time for summer in a humorous way.
Utilizing AKILA’s eyewear expertise, the special range of shades is inspired heavily by Chemist Creation’s color palette. The signature “化學製品” branding are printed across the lenses with the techniques of laser printing and coating for two styles respectively. Also, the style name is engraved on the exterior sides of the temple, which apply the naming system guide of Chemist Creations. Aside from the protection they offer, a retro modern appearance also embellished which reinventing AKILA’ classics silhouettes through the lens of Chemist Creation’s atheistic.