AKILA Optical glasses come with clear, blue-light-blocking lenses to protect against eye strain and headaches from digital screens. All AKILA frames are prescription-ready with lenses that can be swapped out by any optician.


Moderate exposure to blue light is healthy – it keeps us alert, boosts cognitive function, and helps regulate our natural wake-sleep cycle.

However, many of us are getting too much blue light from our constant exposure to laptop, tablet, and smartphone screens. Excessive blue light causes eye strain and disturbs our circadian rhythm, which leads to poor sleep cycles and a domino effect of negative health consequences.

Cutting screen time isn’t always an option. So, we’ve created AKILA Optical frames with blue-light-blocking lenses to reduce the harmful light that reaches your eyes. That way, you can protect your eyes from blue light the same way you protect them from UV light.

Healthy eyes are happy eyes.


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