Adjusting the fit
Glasses should fit comfortably and be easy to wear throughout the day.
All AKILA™ frames can be shaped to suit your individual needs for a perfect fit.

The arms of all AKILA™ frames have a metallic core that can be adjusted easily to fit your face shape. Cellulose acetate is a malleable material that can be gently modified and gradually shaped for your specific size and use.

All AKILA™ sunglasses are built with two basic structural pieces:

  • The Frame:  We create all of our frames using cellulose acetate with a stainless steel core, for long-lasting quality.

  • Optical-Quality Lenses:  We’ve teamed with exclusive lens manufacturers so all AKILA™ sunglasses provide eye protection that’s perfect for everyday use.

All sunglasses should be frequently cleaned and maintained to preserve the original design and functionality. Your AKILA™ eyewear is best cleaned under running water, then dried with the soft cloth included in your purchase.

Because cellulose acetate is a malleable material, do not leave your sunglasses under direct sunlight in a non-ventilated space.