Keith Haring was one of the most renowned of the young artists, filmmakers, and performers whose work responded to urban street culture of the 1980s.

He was known for his iconic line work which continues to inspire street muralists and pop artists alike, and was featured in more than 100 exhibitions during his life. Keith believed art should be readily accessible to the public, coining the phrase "Art is for everybody."

AKILA has created a collection of eyewear that pays tribute to his distinct style and celebrates his legacy of making great designs available to all.

Partnership done in collaboration with Artestar, a global licensing agency and creative consultancy representing high-profile artists, photographers, designers and creatives.
LA-based apparel brand Bricks & Wood shares our spirit of focusing on quality – even if that means producing lower quantities. Lomita is the second collaboration style between AKILA and Bricks & Wood, inspired by both brands’ home city of Los Angeles. These wraparound frames pay homage to a classic look popularized by South Central LA, and are accompanied with a paisley-patterned embossed carrying case.
Cool Calm Studios

Cool Calm Studios is a Creative Studio based inLos Angeles, California specializing in wears/wares.

Joy Division
By PLEASURES x AKILA. PLEASURES took our classic Syndicate and Orchid shapes and incorporated Factory Records’ Co-Founder Peter Saville's artwork from the band's iconic Unknown Pleasures album artwork as a mirror print on the lenses.
même kids

a kidswear design house for imaginative children and growing families who love art, design, and exploring the world together.

même. (meh-m), a French word that loosely translates to “same," “even,” and "alike"—a suitable name for a children’s brand operating under the ethos that kids should be celebrated for who they are, who they are becoming, and free from stereotypes.

Framed Ewe

Framed Ewe was one of the first stores to carry AKILA frames when we started out. The two brands’ mutual admiration led them to finally team up on the first AKILA For FRAMED EWE collection, featuring new versions of AKILA’s popular Ascent and Dillinger sunglasses. The updated designs feature 3 new exclusive colorways and transition lenses that can be worn during the day or night. Subtle hues and detailed construction define the collection, reflecting both companies’ eye for quality and exquisite design.

Malbon Golf is a lifestyle brand inspired by the game of golf. Malbon invites customers to take part in their community of like-minded thinkers to inspire today’s youth to participate in the greatest game on Earth. Fueled by meticulous and tasteful customers who have a passion for golf as well as expressing themselves through what they wear, Malbon has quickly gained broad popularity and recognition amongst creative, stylish, and active people due to its unmistakable branding and playful curation.
Lizard is both brands’ reinvention of a traditional sports frame, putting a fresh twist with unexpected colors on a longtime favorite style. The frames are influenced by vintage fly fishing sunglasses, featuring a lightweight and curved wraparound design punctuated with polarized lenses, custom-drilled eyelets, and KkCo’s trademark piercing detail through the left temple.

The officially licensed AKILA x Beatles collection features A-Side and B-Side, two frames inspired by the iconic look of the born Liverpoolers. Both designs pay homage to The Beatles’ classic aesthetic while faithfully reimagining it with modern sensibilities. Each set of sunglasses is crafted with a Pepperland color palette and arrives in custom-designed Yellow Submarine packaging.

“赤い目用のバラ色のレンズ" (pronounced "akai-me-yo no bara-iro renzu") translates to "rose-colored lenses for red eyes." These lenses are designed to cover the natural color of the eyes, making the redness less noticeable.

Mister Green is a progressive California lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California, established in 2015. We are proud to work with people around the world making unique, quality products that exist in a class to themselves.
Exchange Program
Lizza is a collaborative frame between AKILA and Exchange Program that draws inspiration from a worldwide amalgam of modern style and architectural design. Lizza features oversized lenses in a contoured frame, finished with an embossed Exchange Program globe logo lens on each temple.

These sunglasses stand as a testament to both of our brands’ embrace of cross-cultural influences.
Lucia is a collaborative frame from AKILA and Los Angeles streetwear brand ROYAL.2. Drawing from ROYAL.2’s bold attitude and AKILA’s design expertise, these sunglasses feature a wraparound fit and ROYAL.2's trademark black cat along each temple.
Jungles Jungles

Tourist is a collaboration with Jungles Jungles, an Australian-based streetwear brand focused on 1970s counterculture. These oversized “bug eye” sunglasses are reminiscent of vintage mod style, with a wraparound fit, toric lenses, and typographic details along the perimeter of the frame.


The third edition of AKILA and Soto’s Verve sunglasses feature rhinestone gems on each temple of a bevel-edged rectangular frame. The collaborative frames embody AKILA’s reputable design fundamentals and Soto’s distinct aesthetic from her extensive artwork and highly sought-after product releases.

AKILA's newest collaboration with São Paulo's PACE is here with Felipe Matayoshi's rendition of Ares. These collaborative frames are made in Japan, and feature custom-engraved metal temple cores with Japanese Tomoe plaques.
Susan Alexandra

New York-based brand Susan Alexandra and Los Angeles eyewear makers AKILA have teamed up to release a new capsule of sunglasses.

Based on AKILA’s 1930s-inspired Mabel design, the collaborative sunglasses feature temples adorned with enamel and rhinestone flowers that celebrate the Susan Alexandra aesthetic. The frames can be paired with the bejeweled “Jello Salad” sunglasses chain, which is available separately from Susan Alexandra.

Rep your squad with AKILA’s officially licensed NBA frames. Jubilee blends streetwise looks into a contoured rectangular frame that pairs well with any style.

All sunglasses in the NBA Collection are finished with team colors, team logo plaques at each temple and come with custom team packaging.

Devá States

Launched in Indonesia by friends Theo Kusuma and Mol Edrin, streetwear brand Devá States has expanded worldwide with its clever mashup of Jakarta street style, arresting typography, and dystopian sci-fi themes.

Devá—the Sanskrit word for “divine,” also meaning “anything of excellence”—pays homage to the designers’ heritage. The duo's designs are as varied as its range of references, from punk rock and horror movies to the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi—a concept that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. 


We’ve joined forces with London-based techwear designer Charli Cohen to create Halo. This frame boasts a future industrial silhouette with ergonomic comfort. Featuring a wrap-around shape, all pairs include a barb-wire chain retainer which can be attached to metal eyelets on each temple or worn separately. 

s.k. manor hill
s.k. manor hill’s designs are inspired by vintage garments and classic silhouettes from around the world. Conscientious construction and attention to detail are key in each piece of apparel.
/əˈfēld/ 1. abroad; away from home.
2. off the beaten path; far and wide

/out/ 1. move or appearing to move away from a particular place, especially one that is enclosed or hidden
Freddie Gibbs
"A lot of shit, it broke my heart, but it fixed my vision."

AKILA linked with Freddie Gibbs to cook up Vertigo, a bold frame with old-school luxury vibes and gold-colored temple plates handpicked by Big Boss Rabbit himself.

Just in time for the return of live music — we linked with Grateful Dead to release their first-ever collection of sunglasses. The Grateful Dead × AKILA collection features two sets of sunglasses inspired by the band’s iconic style and imagery.  

IISE, which translates to “2nd generation”, is a brand dedicated to creating products with a distinct interpretation of both modern and traditional Korean culture. Each piece is inspired by Seoul, utilizing a mix of Korean design aesthetics. Using high quality materials and a focus on craftsmanship, IISE strives to create wardrobe staples with special characteristics that make each piece uniquely IISE.
Polite Worldwide

Terra is our collaboration with Polite Worldwide, a like-minded eco-conscious brand from LA. Together, we've created a frame that’s made with bio-acetate derived from sustainable wood and cotton pulp instead of petroleum-based plastics. Each pair comes with an organic cork-leather case.

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