We partner with friends, artists and brands we admire for their modern sensibilities to bring new ideas to market. By being inclusive rather than exclusive our goal is to give design power back to independent brands and in turn bringing better value to consumers. 



CRTFD was founded in Los Angeles that is centered on the principles of authentic, creative expression, plant medicine and counterculture. What started as an experimental cannabis brand grew into an international endeavor to create products and experiences that challenge the modern standards of retail, branding, and conformism.



Founded by Felipe Matayoshi and Juliana Del Popolo, PACE™ Company isa Brazilian brand that has been turning waves in the streetwear scene. Born out of the love of Filipe for sneakers, PACE Company started in 2017.

Jungles Jungles


Specially designed to protect from evil and repel bad spirits, we had Jungles Jungles rework our ever popular Apollo shape.

Grateful Dead

$130 — $140

The Grateful Dead expanded rock’s horizons with long jams and fierce improvisation, but they also turned their communal aesthetic into a way of life. 

Patrick Nagel


Patrick Nagel put Los Angeles on the art world’s map during the 1970s and ‘80s. His svelte, minimalist style defined a decade and immortalized his aesthetic long after his untimely passing.

Mister Green

$120 — $140

A friendly shop for high minded people. Mister Green is a progressive California lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California, established in 2015. We are proud to work with people around the world making unique, quality products that exist in a class to themselves.

Chemist Creations

$140 — $160

Quenched from science, but Chemist Creations is more than that. In science, simplest theory is most likely true. It is exactly the belief of what Chemist does. With the mission to create quality and well-designed products which would truly help and make the world a more pleasant place to live in, they creates life essentials of clothing, lifestyle products and creative services.


$95 — $120

Pleasures is a contemporary expression of the eternally influential and relevant 80s and 90s subculture aesthetic. They have lived and loved the sources of their inspirations, which sets Pleasures apart from the reference mining pack.

Polite Worldwide


Sustainable Eyewear – Consciously Made Elevated Products. Be Polite to our planet, ourselves and one another. Positive vibes only. Create, innovate and connect.

More Collaborations

AKILA partners with friends, artists, and like-minded brands to bring new ideas to market.