A Modern Eyewear Concept

Los Angeles, CA 

Independent Frame of Mind

AKILA is an independent eyewear brand based in Los Angeles focused on handmade unisex sunglasses at anti-industry pricing.

Fashioned from plant-based acetate and stainless steel with Optical Class 1 nylon lenses, AKILA eyewear is meticulously designed and handcrafted in limited quantities to last a lifetime.


Quality > Quantity

AKILA frames are handcrafted by artisans using only the best materials. Each pair goes through meticulous design, engineering and production processes to ensure top quality eyewear.  Each pair of sunglasses takes over 90 days to complete and requires nearly 100 steps from start to finish.  

Our frames are made from the best plant-based cellulose acetate available — making it an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based plastics. Acetate also allows for richer and more unique colors than traditional plastic.  

Our optical-quality nylon lenses are thick and scratch-resistant making them more durable, and also block 100% of UVA / UVB to keep your eyes protected for years to come.

A Creative Platform

Part of AKILA’s mission is to provide a platform for brands and creatives to express their progressive outlooks. By providing access to better manufacturing and technical assistance, brands can offer something new and at a better quality than what they previously had within reach.

We partner with friends, artists and brands we admire for their modern sensibilities to bring new ideas to market. By being inclusive rather than exclusive our goal is to give design power back to independent brands and in turn bringing better value to consumers.