AKILA has subtly refined a timeless silhouette. The Apollo features a chunky frame with flat “zero base” lenses to fuse a classic era with the current wave.
Logos is a classic New York silhouette. The chunky modern frame and riveted temples give it a versatile aesthetic that pairs well with any look. Dress it up or keep it low-key – whichever fits your vibe.

Analogue revisits a vintage 1960s look that never goes out of style. This hand-crafted frame is sculpted in a retro rectangular shape with raw-bevel detail that pays homage to timeless design.

Ascent is a classic look with versatile sensibilities. This square frame is finished with subtle details like triple-riveted ends and custom-engraved sunburst temple cores. Dress it up or down to fit your flow.

Ares brings a bolder look with downtown vibes and a subtle nod to Art Deco architecture.

Its thick-framed construction features custom cores inside each temple inspired by DTLA’s Eastern Columbia Building, and is finished with metal plaques at each hinge.

Hi-Fi is AKILA’s reimagining of a classic square-lens frame from a timeless era. Our latest version of Hi-Fi features two-pin rivets along the temple and frame for sturdier construction, and thicker acetate for all-around quality and comfort.
Dillinger is a metropolitan silhouette influenced by the Golden Age of pop art. Its 70s-inspired aviator shape is accented with custom temple cores and finished with 3-pin rivets for a unique but subtle look.
Zed reanimates a retro look with modern proficiency. This classic So Cal frame features nylon lenses enclosed in sharp-beveled edges for a look that sits well with any vibe.

Kaya is an understated frame influenced by 1940’s Japanese style.

Its slim build and round silhouette are reinforced with 2-pin riveted hinges for durability. A low-key winner with top-notch style.

Syndicate is a classic rectangular design with subtle details for a more discerning look. This versatile frame is finished with triple-riveted ends and custom-engraved temple cores.

Simply put: Musa looks good on everyone. Featuring a round and slightly slimmed down design, this versatile frame works well with any vibe. Finished with adjustable nose pads for a better fit and two-pin rivets for durability.
Lola is a modern look with subtle design quirks to be appreciated by detail-oriented observers. Built with extra thick acetate, Lola exudes contemporary vibes with flat-topped round frames, star-shaped rivets, and paddle-shaped temples.
Eos is an innovative art-inspired frame that blends street aesthetics with timeless minimalist geometry. This bold, rectangular frame is available in 6 different colorways to suit any aesthetic.

Jubilee is a chunky frame blended into a contoured rectangular profile that pairs well with any style. It’s finished with three rivets on each temple and custom-engraved sunburst temple cores.

Era is a distinct look that can be dressed up boldly or worn casually for more lowkey vibes. The frame features a subtle hexagon shape, and is finished with two-pin rivets and custom-engraved temple cores.

Legacy mixes eyewear principles, fusing classic handcrafted artisanry with modern materials to create a timeless frame with an aesthetic functionality.

Lucid is a versatile frame that covers many looks, from casual to professional. Its smart design features a round shape with 2-pin rivets at each end and extra-durable metal temple cores.

Luna is a classic retro shape with lenses set in a beveled-edged frame and diamond-shaped plaques at each frame end. It’s the perfect silhouette for effortless style.

Mabel is a luxurious silhouette inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood. This frame blends classic cat-eye oval lenses with a contoured top and bold temples for a look that’s equal parts playful and elegant.

Miracle carries retro vibes that can fit in with any era. This teardrop-shaped aviator frame features a slightly oversized shape and is finished with custom-engraved temple cores.

Polaris is a versatile interpretation of flat-top frames that can be styled for a retro or futuristic look. Its bold silhouette is completed with wide temples and 3-pin rivets at each hinge for durability.

Vera is a versatile look with vintage vibes. This 70s-inspired frame features a large, rectangular design that’s finished with custom temple cores for a subtle touch of individuality.

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