Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is the foundation of AKILA – uncompromising modern reinterpretations of cult classic frames. Fashioned from plant-based acetate and stainless steel with Optical Class 1 nylon lenses, these frames are meticulously handcrafted to last a lifetime.



AKILA has subtly refined a timeless silhouette. The Apollo features a chunky frame with flat “zero base” lenses to fuse a classic era with the current wave



Logos is a classic New York silhouette. The chunky modern frame and riveted temples give it a versatile aesthetic that pairs well with any look. Dress it up or keep it low-key – whichever fits your vibe.



Ares brings a bolder look with downtown vibes and a subtle nod to Art Deco architecture. Its thick-framed construction features custom cores inside each temple inspired by DTLA’s Eastern Columbia Building, and is finished with metal plaques at each hinge.



Zed reanimates a retro look with modern proficiency. This classic So Cal frame features nylon lenses enclosed in sharp-beveled edges for a look that sits well with any vibe.



Legacy mixes eyewear principles, fusing classic handcrafted artisanry with modern materials to create a timeless frame with an aesthetic functionality.



Kaya is an understated frame influenced by 1940’s Japanese style. Its slim build and round silhouette are reinforced with 2-pin riveted hinges for durability. A low-key winner with top-notch style.



Dillinger is a metropolitan silhouette influenced by the Golden Age of pop art. Its 70s-inspired aviator shape is accented with custom temple cores and finished with 3-pin rivets for a unique but subtle look.



Outsider is an alluring silhouette with low-key nods to retro rave culture. These frames feature subtly flared ends with custom temple core hardware fastened by 2-pin rivets.

Big City


Big City features a slim rectangular design for a sleek, professional look. This frame is constructed with custom temple cores and completed with 3D-riveted plaques at each end.



Lola is a modern look with subtle design quirks to be appreciated by detail-oriented observers. Built with extra thick acetate, Lola exudes contemporary vibes with flat-topped round frames, star-shaped rivets, and paddle-shaped temples.



Polaris is a versatile interpretation of flat-top frames that can be styled for a retro or futuristic look. Its bold silhouette is completed with wide temples and 3-pin rivets at each hinge for durability.



Luna is a classic retro shape with lenses set in a beveled-edged frame and diamond-shaped plaques at each frame end. It’s the perfect silhouette for effortless style.



Paradox is a progressive look, emphasized by its sharp geometric design and angular silhouette. This frame is finished with custom engraving on each temple core to solidify its bold architectural identity.



Eos is an innovative art-inspired frame that blends street aesthetics with timeless minimalist geometry. This bold, rectangular frame is available in 6 different colorways to suit any aesthetic.



Hi-Fi is AKILA’s reimagining of a classic square-lens frame from a timeless era. Our latest version of Hi-Fi features two-pin rivets along the temple and frame for sturdier construction, and thicker acetate for all-around quality and comfort.



Analogue revisits a vintage 1960s look that never goes out of style. This hand-crafted frame is sculpted in a retro rectangular shape with raw-bevel detail that pays homage to timeless design.


All AKILA sunglasses are designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted to last a lifetime. Each pair is made from eco-friendly cellulose acetate and optical grade lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection.



Lo-Fi is a modern thin rectangular silhouette with sharp corners and a base zero nylon lens.



Method revisits a classic style through a contemporary lens. This timeless shape has been slimmed down for a more comfortable fit, and accented with rivet plates for a subtly refined look.



Aethos brings a modern update to a past era. A combined metal-acetate construction gives these round frames a sturdy build without compromising a comfy fit.



Atelier is a California contemporary design that pairs perfectly with any style. This versatile frame is the latest addition to our Essentials collection, continuing the AKILA tradition of revisiting classic looks through a modern lens.



M.Y.C. is an upscale silhouette with metropolitan vibes. These frames are constructed with acetate and stainless steel for durability, and finished with adjustable nose pads for long-wearing comfort.