A MODERN EYEWEAR CONCEPT AKILA is an independent eyewear brand from Los Angeles focused on handmade, limited-run eyewear.

Constructed from malleable acetate with stainless steel cores, AKILA frames have long-lasting durability without sacrificing comfort or style.

We are advocates of sustainability and craft our eyewear from eco-friendly acetate, optical grade lenses, and plastic-free biodegradable packaging. Style and sustainability can coexist.

All AKILA sunglasses are designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted to last a lifetime. Each pair is made from eco-friendly cellulose acetate and optical grade lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Independent Frame of Mind

AKILA is beholden to no one. We exercise complete independence in what we create and who we collaborate with, to bring you the best experience possible.

AKILA’s Research & Development lab pushes the limit of what’s possible with eyewear through innovative design and experimentation.

Uncompromising Quality

It's no secret that cellulose acetate is our favorite material to work with. The material's inherent warmth, adjustability, and vibrance of color make acetate the ideal frame material. Combined with stainless steel hardware and barrel hinges for long-lasting durability.

Our optical-quality nylon lenses that are less prone to breakage and provide near perfect optical quality. All AKILA lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to keep your eyes fully protected.

Featured In

Collaborative Instincts

AKILA partners with friends, artists, and like-minded brands to bring ideas to life. We value artisanship and make sure our collaborations always introduce new and worthwhile selections to our audience.


AKILA NY is the brand's first flagship store & community hub on the East Coast.

In making the Lower East Side its East Coast home, AKILA intentionally aligns itself with an area that has been full of local culture for generations, a spot to seek and consume everything from art to food and music.

AKILA NY is more than a store for us, it is a community hub and platform for exclusive launches, collaborations, and special projects that tap into the brand as a whole as much as the neighborhood the store inhabits in NYC.

138 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002


Flower District Gift Shop

F.D.G.S. is an independent store in Downtown Los Angeles, California curated by AKILA Eyewear to explore and showcase products we admire for their modern sensibilities.

767 Santee Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

11am — 6pm

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